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Negreni flea market

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Why Negreni flea market? Because it is about anything you can and cannot imagine. You enjoy world music? Listen to some authentic live music. Negotiating thrills you? Find the best antiques bargains.

Travel Details

Start / End
1 day
twice / year (2nd weekend of June and October)
Tour type
Departure time
8 am
Estimated return time
6:00 pm
140 km
Car transfer duration
2-3 hours / 2 ways
possibility of traffic jams

This is a tour destined to the antiques collectors and photographers interested in human portraits, social issues, photojournalism, vintage, colors and local events. It is also appealing to those who enjoy a good bargain, or who are interested in human mob psychology, group behaviorism and psychology of mercantilism. Last but not least, it addresses every single curious traveler who doesn’t get scared of overcrowded local events. In whichever category you may classify, be sure to have small change in your pockets as nobody gets out from Negreni flea market without buying at least a couple of things.


Cluj - Negreni - Cluj

Departure from Cluj in the morning. Enjoying the flea market the whole day. Arrival back in Cluj in late afternoon.

Taking place twice a year, the second weekend of June and October, Negreni flea market is one of the most incredible markets in Romania. The autumn edition lasts an entire week, reaching the apogee starting with Thursday. Every autumn, more than 20000 people take part at this event.

Some say the origins of this fair dates back to the Middle Ages. Others believe it’s a bit newer, just over 100y old!

There is a saying that there is no object, article or piece you could ever imagine that is not to be on sale here, be it at first hand, second hand or over 100y old.

Displayed on an area of over 15000ft², the market covers any possible domain you can think of: traditional handcrafts, antiques, communist souvenirs, and all other sort of secondhand goods that mark the transition from tradition to globalization, from communism to capitalism, from authenticity to kitsch.

Famed among the connoisseur for being the biggest antiquities market in South-Eastern Europe, it attracts collectors and traders from all over Europe and not only.

So dense it is in it’s diversity of products, so overcrowded and so colorful, that you just cannot take it all in one day. From dusk till dawn you can try to find your way through this maze and eventually you realize there is still so much too see. It spins you like a hurricane, it stuns you, it intoxicates you and in the end you find out that you too, like so many others before you, you’ve become addicted and you’ll have to come back the next year.


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gas, road tax and parking fees

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personal expenses


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