Turda salt mine, Rimetea & Alba Iulia

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Turda salt mine, Rimetea & Alba Iulia

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Delve into Transylvania’s best buried treasures. Fill your lungs with the healthy salty air. Trigger your imagination with a boat ride on an underground lake. Admire an idyllic mountain village and a star shaped fortress. Walk on the footsteps of the mighty Romans.

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Start / End
1 day
all year long
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Departure time
8:30 am
Estimated return time
6:30 pm
Dress code
for Turda salt mine: non slippery-shoes & appropriate warm clothing recommended (the constant temperature inside the salt mine is 10-12° C)
Turda salt mine, Rimetea village, Alba Carolina fortress in Alba Iulia
200 km
Car transfer duration
3h30 - 4h (2 ways)
the order of visits may suffer changes. Possibility of traffic jams

Transylvania has always been a territory very rich in natural resources. Beside wood (as the name of Transylvania derives from Latin, meaning ‘the land behind the forest’), salt, gold and iron were three other resources highly valued and exploited in ancient and medieval times.

Almost two millenniums ago the Romans conquered the territory now known as Transylvania, for a rather short period (less than 200 years). Seven centuries after their departure, Transylvania became part of the Kingdom of Hungary and later on, starting with the end of the 17th century, it was integrated into the Habsburg Monarchy. Finally, after WWI, in 1918 Transylvania was united to Romania.

The hereby guided day tour from Cluj will display the evolution of the natural resources exploitation along the four above stated time periods, without diminishing the attention for the vibrant amusement park inside the salt mine, the captivating mountain landscapes of the Apuseni Mountains or the seducing and serene little town of Alba Iulia.


Cluj - Rimetea - Alba Iulia - Cluj

Your guide will pick you from your accommodation in Cluj at 8:30 am and lead you first through a fabulous voyage into the wombs of the ancient salt mine of Turda*, the most beautiful salt mine in Romania. Used as an antiaircraft shelter during WWII, as a cheese maturation facility during the communist period and finally upgraded to Transylvania’s unique underground amusement park, Salina Turda still preserves millions of chisel and hammer marks, left as ‘salt signatures’ by the miners who once worked here. The visit of Turda Salt Mine will be an unforgettable experience in the heart of Transylvania. *It is not recommended to visit the salt mine if you have heart, lungs, digestive and other health conditions. You can check them all here.

Entering the Apuseni Mountains, you will discover Rimetea, a Hungarian village wonderfully preserved in harmony with nature. For centuries, Rimetea was famous throughout Transylvania for its iron mines and for the workmanship of its blacksmiths.

The next and last visit of the day will be that of the imperial military town inside Alba Iulia’s star-like shaped fortress. Though most impressive, the Vauban style Alba Carolina fortress is not the only attraction here to have interesting stories to tell: so do Alba Iulia’s ancient Roman ruins, the Hungarian royals’ tombs found in Transylvania’s oldest church or Romania’s most important political event of the last century, its union to Transylvania.

Back to Cluj in the evening, at the end of the best mini-tour of Transylvania.


services of an English speaking guide / driver

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gas, road tax and parking fees

entry tickets (for the salt mine)

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tickets for the theme park (inside the salt mine)

your meals and drinks

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