* 90% chances to see the European Brown Bear in it’s natural habitat
* 100 % chances to see traces of several other wild animals
* enjoy nature and it’s biodiversity
* tasting the local plum brandy (palinca)

Tour information

duration : 1day (early departure from Cluj)
validity: April – October
participants: small groups recommended  (4-8 pax); no minimum number of participants
level of difficulty: average


1 pax     257 eur / pers.
2 pax     125 eur / pers.
3 pax     87 eur / pers.
4 pax     78 eur / pers.
5 pax     69 eur / pers.
6 pax     60 eur / pers.
7 pax     55 eur / pers.
8 pax     50 eur / pers.
* For more than 8 participants, prices available upon request.

Package includes:

* transportation by car or minibus;
* gas and parking fees
* English, French or Romanian speaking guide
* traditional picnic & palinca tasting
* meals for the guide

Package does not include:

* meals and drinks otherwise stated in the itinerary
* personal expenses
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This tour is a must do in Transylvania. No person who enjoys hiking should miss the chance to see a European brown bear (Ursus Arctos) in it’s natural habitat. There are approximately 6000 individuals in the Carpathian region of Romania. The brown bears are amongst the largest living carnivores and can grow to an enormous size, males up to 350kg, and females to 200kg, with the biggest on record being caught in Romania weighing 480kg.  Adult males tend to be on average 8 to 10% larger than females. They have good hearing, an excellent sense of smell and can live for up to 30 years.
In autumn bears frantically search for high calorific foods to lay down fat before they start their ‘winter lethargy’. Contrary to popular belief bears do not hibernate. Yes, body temperature, pulse and respiratory rate all decrease but not to the levels associated with true hibernation.
According to Chris Morgan (bear biologist & wildlife researcher) bears make great barometers of ecosystem health, stating “What’s good for bears is good for people”. Given their dependence on large natural areas, it could also be viewed that bears are important management indicators for a number of other wildlife species too.

Tour description

In the morning, we leave Cluj in the direction of the Eastern Carpathians. In about 2 hours we meet our ranger companion and we start hiking through one of the most savage reserves of the Carpathians. We will walk for some 6-7 hours looking for brown bear traces. 90 % chances to see the bear and 100% to find other wild animal traces like boar, deer and even wolf. Level difference: <800 m. Picnic with traditional food & palinca (plum brandy) included.
Return to Cluj in the evening or continue the tour as described in the Székely Land & Sighisoara tour.

Additional information

Appropriate outdoor clothing we recommend: walking boots, hiking pants, midlayers, waterproof jacket.
This tour may be subject to weather conditions.