* Biertan fortified church (UNESCO)
* Sighisoara fortress (UNESCO)
* Dracula related stories

Tour information

duration : 1day
validity: throughout the year
starts in: Cluj-Napoca
ends in: Cluj-Napoca


1 pax   196 eur / pers.
2 pax   109 eur / pers.
3 pax   85 eur / pers.
4 pax   76 eur / pers.
5 pax   72 eur / pers.
6 pax   68 eur / pers.
7 pax   62 eur / pers.
8 pax   58 eur / pers.
* For more than 8 participants, prices available upon request.

Package includes:

* services of an English / French / Italian / Portuguese speaking guide / driver
* all transportation by private vehicle or minibus (gas, road tax and parking fees included)
* entry tickets (for Biertan fortified church, Sighisoara Clock Tower)

Package does not include:

* your meals & drinks
* photo / video entrance fees (where required)
* personal expenses

Tour description

This is a Saxon heritage tour in the Sighisoara area. The Saxons were colonized in Transylvania beginning with the 12th century in order to defend the southeastern border of the Kingdom of Hungary. All their settlements were organized around a central church, which, during war times, was used as a refuge for the local families. As during the Middle Ages Transylvania was often invaded by the Mongol tribes, the Saxons began fortifying their houses and mainly the churches. The fortified churches we can still see today are the result of several fortification stages that took place during the centuries.
First stop will be in Biertan to visit the fortified church which, for almost 300 years, was the Transylvanian bishop’s residence.
Next destination is the medieval fortress of Sighisoara, one of the few of it’s kind still inhabited in Europe. Still surrounded by 9 of the initial 14 defence towers, each one belonging to a local guild, the fortress shelters not only beautiful Medieval architecture, but also medieval legends, such as the one connected to Vlad Tepes ‘Dracula” birthplace.
Back in Cluj in late afternoon.