* Turda’s ancient salt mine
* underground amusement park
* Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

Tour information

duration : 1 day
validity: all year long
stars in: Cluj-Napoca
ends in: Cluj-Napoca

Rates 2018

1 pax                     187 eur / pers.
2 pax                     107 eur / pers.
3 pax                     90 eur / pers.
4 pax                     78 eur / pers.
5 pax                     71 eur / pers.
6 pax                     66 eur / pers.
7 pax                     62 eur / pers.
8 pax                     57 eur / pers.
* For more than 8 participants, prices available upon request.

Package includes:

* services of an English / French / Italian / Portuguese speaking guide / driver
* all transportation by private vehicle or minibus (gas, road tax and parking fees included)
* entry tickets (for Turda salt mine, Corvin Castle)

Package does not include:

* your meals and drinks
* photo / video entrance fees (where required)
* personal expenses

Tour description

Departure from Cluj at 8:30. Your day will begin with a fabulous underground voyage into the wombs of the ancient salt mine from Turda*. Used as an antiaircraft shelter during WWII, as cheese ripening center during the communist period and finally upgraded to an amusement park, the salt mine from Turda still preserves thousands of chisel and hammer marks, left by the miners once working here as their ‘salt signature’. Lunch in a restaurant on the way. Continue for Hateg region.
In Hunedoara we will discover the Corvin Castle (also known as Hunyad Castle) which, as it’s name already says it, belonged to the Hunyad family, one of the most famous family member being King Mathia Hunyadi. Here, you’ll have the chance to hear lots of legends and stories about the royal family, it’s origin, medieval fighting techniques and other interesting information.
Back to Cluj in late afternoon.


* The constant temperature inside the salt mine is 10-12° C. Appropriate clothing recommended.
* Given that there are stairs to go down and up in the salt mine, we recommend non-slippery shoes and, if possible, no high heels.
* Not recommended to visit the salt mine if:
– asthma severe persistent form; asthma; asthma crisis complications – atelectasia, pulmonary emphysema, pneumothorax, respiratory acidosis; complications related to medication – severe bronchospasm, severe allergic reactions;
– COPD complications – acute respiratory failure, chronic decompensated pulmonary cord, pneumothorax;
– TB regardless of stage;
– pulmonary neoplasia;
– acute ENT disorders – rhinopharyngitis, tracheobronchitis, acute pneumonia;
– cardiovascular disease (stage III HTA, recent myocardial infarction, frequent seizure angina, chronic decompensated pulmonary cord), grade II-III cardiac insufficiency,
– digestive disorders – acute hyperacid gastritis, acute hepatitis, acute cholecystitis;
– acute renal disease, bladder / kidney lithiasis;
– decompensated diabetes mellitus;
– collagenosis, acute / chronic rheumatic diseases in inflammatory puse;
– peripheral and central neurological disorders (craniocerebral trauma, cerebral abscess, stroke, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, epilepsy);
– third-quarter pregnancy
– anxiety-depressive syndrome; claustrophobia;
– postoperatively for a period of 1-2 months
– under age 3.