* in the end you will get to keep the jars of jam you’ve canned 😉
* no additives, no additional pectin, no special jam sugar, no preservatives
* organic fruits & vegetables
* meeting the locals

Tour information

duration : 1 day
validity: April – October
participants: very small groups recommended


1 pax   92 eur / pers.
2 pax   50 eur / pers.

Package includes:

* kitchen utensils needed
* jars
* English / French speaking local food passionate

Package does not include:

* main ingredients: sugar, fruits/vegetables
* special ingredients if needed (exotic fruit, special herbs or spices, etc.)
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Fruit jam is one of the most delicious ways to preserve the goodness of seasonal fruit, and one of the easiest, safest foods to preserve in jars. Believing that you don’t have to be a cook to make your own jam, we propose you to try making your mind blowing homemade jam together with a local.
We use no additives, no additional pectin, no special jam sugar, no preservatives. Just organic fruits picked by hand from a garden or directly from the forest canned in the old traditional way. That’s why you should make your own Transylvanian jam this summer. No, really! You’ll see the difference!


In the morning we get the fruits we’ll be needing for our jam. In order to do that, we can either go wild-fruit hunting in the forest or go to a local peasant market or even pick them by hand directly from a garden. Then we get started: prepare the jars to be used, prepare the fruits and the other ingredients. We can be as creative as possible, not only combining different fruits but even adding some herbs. When done, pour the jam into jars and enjoy!
The day may last for as long as possible/needed, depending on the kind of fruit we use and where we get it.
As a fruit choice we can propose the following:
garden fruits (depending on season): strawberry, sour cherry, raspberry, apricot, nectarine, peach, apple, pear, currant, quince, plum, green walnuts, etc.
vegetables (depending on season): rhubarb, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, chili pepper, eggplant, etc.
wild fruits and berries (depending on season): cornelian cherry, wild cherry, blackberry, elderberry, rose hip, etc.


If you do not want to pick the fruits yourselves, you can choose to just cook the jam. In this case, the main ingredients will be provided according to season.