Getaclujtour, Geta FelvintiAs a 2007 certified guide, passionate about photography, Transylvania, speleology, driving, cooking and volunteering, I’m inviting you to get in my 36 years old shoes and see Romania as a native.


I come with the guarantee that I won’t be boring you too much with an out of the book speech or with endless museum visits as, me too, I am a beginner globetrotter and I know that travel is not just about remembering dates or staying in enclosed spaces for a long time (though, I have to admit, that kind of gives me a great pleasure while caving…).


Traveling mostly on my own, I came to discover the power of the freedom of choice and the pleasure of not following a 100% planned tour. Therefore, the tours I’m proposing address every each of you, whether you’re an experienced traveler or a novice, whether you enjoy taking your time while visiting or you feel the urge to see it all in a lifetime, whether you’re asking for comfort or sleeping in a dry tent is enough for you.


Wishing you all a safe journey, with fun companions and great light for taking pictures, I hope Romania will sooner or later pop on your pinboard map!

Yours truly,