Why travel with us?

We're Multilingual

we speak your language

Contact us in English, French, Italian and Portuguese by email or via Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook and Viber.

Licensed TO

online incoming tour operator

Get a Cluj Tour is a concept of Hayland Express travel agency, operating under license nº 7596 issued by the Romanian National Authority for Tourism.

Inspiring Itineraries

Over 11 Years of Experience

Get a Cluj Tour has put together itineraries which take the hassle out of travelling in Romania. Don’t miss the best local experiences while you are comfortable, well fed and informed.

Experienced Guides

Only the Best!

Enjoy the expertise of our experienced, well-trained and passionate tour guides. With skilled staff on all of our tours, you’re sure to have a great trip.

We're Local

Transylvania based

When planning your adventure, enjoy the assistance and support of our team – local people who live and work in the areas we operate in. It’s our backyard and we enjoy sharing it with our travelers!

Responsible Travel

close to people, close to nature

By respecting the people, the local culture and the places we visit, we make sure not only to play our role in making the world a better one, but also to enhance end enrich your travel experience.

Small Groups

the smaller, the more flexible

Travelling in a small group allows you to have a good pace with the visits, but also socialize better with like-minded travellers and get more spare time for yourself.

Custom-Made Tours

choose your tour style

We come with the expertise, you come with the freedom of choice. Choose what you want to do or visit, with whom you want to travel and when you want to do it. You can adjust our tours already listed or start from scratch.

Exceptional Value

complete pricing

Worry not about carrying large sums of money throughout your journey. Having meals, accommodation, transport, sightseeing and entry fees included in the tour cost allows you to keep your peace of mind and live the moment.